Cambridge, England, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2002 From Bullard to Mr ChamberLain
Lacey observes, "Forty is the number which bedouin often pick upon when they wish to describe a smallish body of men, and forty is the number of companions which Abdul Aziz is said to have had with him when he left Kuwait in September 1901 David Murphy, Illustrated by Peter Dennis , The Arab Revolt 1916-18: Lawrence Sets Arabia Ablaze, Osprey Publishing, 2008, p

توحيد السعودية

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies.

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Peoples Of All Nations: Their Life Today And Story Of Their Past in 14 Volumes
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University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
41 Lacey offers further insight into the ambiguity surrounding the details of the capture of Riyadh, whose place in Saudi Arabian folklore he compares to the : Ibn Saud himself told numerous versions over the years, which is only partly attributable to Ibn Saud's excitability British Relations with Trans-Jordan, 1920—1930
Al-Rehani: Nejd and its followers A History of Saudi Arabia

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