Available with English and Arabic interfaces I called their overseas number over 11 times in 22 days and they will place you on hold for an average of 11 mins
Watch first-pay Hollywood movies exclusively or award-winning European productions This App has all kind of technical problems and they lie big time

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Are people in the middle east no longer able to put on their own face or at least attempt to look original 😏.

Shahid VIP
You can now easily drop it out of your continue watching list
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Anytime and on any device - Try for free now! Stream how you prefer Stream on Apple TV or all major smart TVs
net and make sure to provide us with your issue
When you call customer service ; they sweettalk you to death and they apologize for the problem and they make you think the issue will be solved but it get worse!!!!! Binge on your mobile device, laptop or tablet
There are some few problems need to be fixed Enjoy the classic Disney movies dubbed in Arabic or the latest PIXAR installments

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Subtitles have been implemented in western countries for many decades but they are still stubbornly missing from video production in the middle east.

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We would like to hear from you again after solving your issue
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Watch the latest Shahid Originals Enjoy the latest Arabic original productions exclusively on Shahid VIP Experience the most innovative story-telling from the region with no Ad-Interruptions Stay safe with family and kid profiles Safe content from leading studios like DISNEY, PIXAR, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon and many more
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Never miss a moment of your favorite content! Please reach us anytime at care shahid
The idea is great but I assure you; your team is incompetent and outdated Enjoy auto-play next episode and skip the intros
Shahid VIP is available on all major devices When the app is working, there is no closed captioning or subtitles offered through a menu to make adjustments

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Stream Movies, cartoons or live channels like, Cartoon Network, MBC3 and Space Toon.

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I feel like they drag on existing problems without any intentions of solving it for several months and for that I want my money back for a total of 14 months plus they should pay me for all of my long distance overseas calls
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The app suddenly forgets who I am a VIP account through Sling account
I was sick and tired of this App and their Customer Service now I am OUTRAGED