HarmonyOS started life on smart TVs with the company's sub-brand, Honor Vision Computers are faster and cheaper
Click the Configure tab and click the arrow icon next to Logical Drive to expand the options Huawei will start rolling out HarmonyOS on selected smartphone models, offering users the chance to switch from the current operating system based on Google's Android platform

What Is HarmonyOS? A Look at Huawei's New Operating System

Huawei is also in the crosshairs of the US government.

What Is Harmony OS? Huawei’s New Operating System Explained
Under Logical Drive, select Create, set Write Policy to Write Back with BBU, set Init State to Quick Init, set Level to 1, and configure two physical disks
What Is HarmonyOS? A Look at Huawei's New Operating System
Modern operating systems try to segregate user applications like Steam or Google Chrome from the more sensitive parts of the operating system
Huawei launches new operating system for phones, eyes 'Internet
But that now has been revised toinclude smartphones and tablets with HarmonyOS 2
There was also a HarmonyOS-power refrigerator According to the sources of the South China Morning Post, Huawei has not yet released its own mobile operating system because it is not yet as good as Android, and because there are few applications for it
Jon Porter of notes that the MatePad Pro tablet comes with Huawei's "AppGallery" Android app store and runs Android apps, because, of course, it's just Android Just accessing the SDK and emulator required me to go through an insane process that involved uploading a photo of my US passport and credit card to Huawei's servers so that I could be approved to access the SDK after a two-day waiting period

HarmonyOS 2

Optional If other components are installed, run the following command to check whether the installation is successful: rpm -qa grep Component name Set Component name to the name of the component installed in.

Huawei officially replaces Android with HarmonyOS, which is also Android
Set the parameters listed in the following table
What Is HarmonyOS? A Look at Huawei's New Operating System
The option highlighted with blue background and white characters is selected
Huawei rolls out its own operating system to smartphones
The system starts to load the installation program
Select Skip Registration and click Next You don't get to run the emulator locally on your computer, where it could be inspected more thoroughly—instead, it runs remotely on a server in China somewhere, and video of it is streamed to your computer
It said it would start selling existing phones like the Mate 40 Pro with HarmonyOS out of the box but noted that, "due to restrictions imposed by the US," it would not be able to offer these phones with 5G Using the Ark Compiler, developers can recreate Android apps for HarmonyOS and the resulting app will be compatible across all Huawei devices

Huawei launches new operating system for phones, eyes 'Internet

iso as the installation media.

Operating System
After the operating system patch is installed successfully, the kernel version in must be the latest kernel version with the largest version number
Huawei rolls out its own operating system to smartphones
If the device has just been powered on, the configuration page may not be displayed
Operating System
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