, M, K, being originally an inf to the TA, the meaning, app
meansThe sun became white, previously to setting the whiteness [of the sky] before night


b5: See also 4, in two places.

الحدْس التراجيدي في شعر يوسف الصائغ
Came at dusk, in the evening
كتاب:الأغاني لابي الفرج الاصفهاني 42
as meaning In the dawn]
] upon the nose of the camel
b2: Hence, tropical: The receptacle thereof; TA; the piece of skin in which it is put of 1:] A woman having her face uncovered: S, M, Mgh, K: pl
as above, TA, He made the fire to flame, or blaze; K, TA; kindled it; or made it to burn, burn up, or burn brightly or fiercely, TA He came in [the time of] the whiteness of day [either before sunrise or after sunset]

الموسم ( 3 ) رمضان والدول العربية [الأرشيف]

used as a simple subst.

Became dispersed, cleared away clouds
رجالي جلد الربيع / الخريف مريح أوكسفورد كوفي / بني / الحفلات و المساء / الحفلات و المساء 5226416 2021
] b3: And hence, tropical: The thing [whatever it be] upon which one eats: TA: [in the desert, it is generally a round piece of skin, such as I have described above: in the towns, in the houses of the middle classes, a round tray of tinned copper, which is usually placed on a low stool; and in the dwellings of some of the highest classes, and the lowest, respectively, of silver and wood:] accord
شرح الرضيّ على الكافية
Grazed after sunset or before sunrise
When Sirius rises in the whiteness of day [meaning in the clear twilight of morning, thou seest not then rain: for Sirius rises aurorally, in Arabia, in the middle and the latter half of July, when rain scarcely ever falls there] This is the primary signification
: T, Mgh, TA: [see 1:] pl ], signifies I uncovered the thing; made it apparent, or manifest: Mgh: [but accord

مورد الوقبى (الوقباء) التاريخي

A2: Also The whiteness of dawn or daybreak: A: or the whiteness of the day: S, M: and i.

باب الخاء
[This is commonly of a round form, with a running string; so that it is converted into a bag to contain the food, at one time, and at another time is spread flat upon the ground, when persons want to eat upon it
شرح الرضيّ على الكافية
] A2: Also The falling of one's hair from [above] his forehead
شرح الرضيّ على الكافية
[But see 2, second sentence