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Good visibility and field of view It performed well, but was only 15 feet off the ground

Fully Assembled with 81-Feet of Ladder Line 40-Feet with UltraLite Kid.

21 arena Cobra Ultra Racing Swim Goggles for Men and Women: Sports & Outdoors
So the RFI is 99
Arena Cobra Core vs Arena Cobra Ultra. Which is the Best?
It is a great antenna
Cobra UltraLite Antennas
Cobra Ultra is one of the best know Android apps on the web
The customer service is unheard of these days I bought one several years ago
They feel solid, well made Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Goggles• There has always been some sort of broadcast carrier that sits on that freq that forced use of a notch filter Buy some- you will never look back

Ultralight Cart Bag

I bought this antenna Ultralite SR in 2007 for use as a temporary antenna.

Ultralight Cart Bag
Our son loves these goggles
Ultralight Stand Bag
My son loves this goggles
Cobra Ultra Goggles
I've only had the antenna up a week but so far I'm really impressed
In addition to its many TV channels, Cobra Ultra also provides excellent picture quality, especially in HD, UHD 4K and 3D I got the medium stick -x for me and the max stick for my wife
Here we are in 2015 and the Ultralite SR is still up and used every day, 10-80meters including 60 meters Reviews are limited to one review per product per reviewer

Cobra UltraLite Antennas

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There was no leaking or fogging
Cobra Ultra Goggles
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Cobra Ultra + 2 Premium Activation Codes
Running the proper type of balun makes a world of difference! Excellent feel and control on all these bags