Gould The Structure of Evolutionary Theory p Houston, TX: The TalkOrigins Foundation, Inc
I may predict with some certainty that before long we shall find the original Darwinism of Dr "A comparative analysis of the Darwin-Wallace papers and the development of the concept of natural selection"

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Perspectives on the Unification of Biology".

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PSA: Proceedings of the Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association
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119 1 : 41—91 51
"The synthetic theory of evolution: general problems and the German contribution to the synthesis" … generally accepted instead of the neo-Darwinism of to-day, and that the variations whose accumulation results in species will be recognised as due to the wants and endeavours of the living forms in which they appear, instead of being ascribed to chance, or, in other words, to unknown causes, as by Mr
"The origin of Metazoa and Weismann's germ line theory" "Reviewed Work: The Evolutionary Synthesis

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Moran, Laurance January 22, 1993.

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"The modern theory of biological evolution: an expanded synthesis"
«النقد» تطرح فئة الـ 20 ريالاً بمناسبة رئاسة المملكة مجموعة العشرين
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