Classical civilization adopted and adapted the Mesopotamian time system, and modern civilization adapted it still further Thus, directly to port is at 270 degrees
Letter 'Z' in military time indicates ZULU Time Zone which is equivalent to UTC One double watch 8 hours was four double hours

الساعة الآن في الأردن

The 12-hour daytime had been divided into three seasonal watches.

الساعة الآن في الأردن
The clock numbers are relative to the direction in which the vessel points
الساعة الآن في الأردن
Some juggling of month lengths to make the 12 months fit the year was still required
In modern time it is 4 seconds
m and s are straightforward, but h is different The technique takes a LOS on the visible sun, or on the direction pointed to by a shadow stick, through the hour hand of the watch
Origin of the clock positions [ ] Roman basin sundial, a Mesopotamian type A clock face was imagined centered on a rural community with 12:00 pointing true north

الساعة الآن في الأردن

Time today and generally in ancient Mesopotamia is given mainly in three digits.

معنى AM و PM والفرق بينهما في الساعة
Neglecting the length of the vessel, and presuming that he is at the bow, he observes the time number lying on the line of sight
الوقت بصيغة 24: الساعه 13، 14، 15 أو 16 يعني كم ..الخ
These circles are not to be confused with latitude and longitude, or with any sort of compass reading, which are not relative to the vehicle, but to the magnetic and spin axes of the Earth
ما هو الفرق بين AM و PM وايهم صباحاً ومساءً
There is no need to half the angle