"Environmental factors and puberty timing: expert panel research needs" Preputial development in Japanese boys
Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS : Other FAQs Southam AL, Richart RM 1966

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"Pediatric endocrinology update: an overview.

بلوغ (إنسان)
Andersson KE, Wein AJ 2004
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Kalloo NB, Gearhart JP, Barrack ER 1993
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111 4 Pt 1 : 844—50
The essential roles of estrogens in pubertal growth, epiphyseal fusion and bone turnover: lessons from mutations in the genes for aromatase and the estrogen receptor" "The prognosis for adolescents with menstrual abnormalities"
In: Friedman SB, Fisher M, Schonberg SK Siegel MJ, Surratt JT 1992

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MacGillivray MH, Morishima A, Conte F, Grumbach M, Smith EP; Morishima; Conte; Grumbach; Smith 1998.

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The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
القضيب الذكري: نموه، حجمه، وشكله
"Pharmacology of the Lower Urinary Tract: Basis for Current and Future Treatments of Urinary Incontinence"
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Birth to 3 months: Your baby's development