"Conditions of Carriage" means these Conditions for Carriage of Passengers and Baggage Please ask us or our Authorised Agent for details of how to claim such refund
Please ask us for details Passengers Traveling from India: Jordanian passengers and their families spouse and children :• 4 regarding USA rules :• 2 will be initially for an amount up to the fare paid for the original Ticket

شروط السفر للاردن من السعودية 2021

which may cause the flight to be diverted or perform an unscheduled stop.

تحديثات هامة على أنظمة السفر من وإلى المطارات الأردنية في ظل كورونا .. تفاصيل
Please ask us if you have any doubt about whether any item constitutes war material
شروط السفر للسعوديين (آخر تحديثات السفر المتعلقة بكوفيد
Before you travel: - All Passengers are required to visit portal prior to departure, complete the required form, and obtain the QR code which is mandatory to be presented prior to boarding and upon arrival
تعرف على شروط وإجراءات السفر إلى الأردن بعد إلغاء منصة التسجيل الحكومية
Sometimes such decisions may have to be made in circumstances where limited time is available and no proper opportunity exists to carry out any or sufficient enquiries
4 of Montreal 1975 ;• "You", "your", "yourself" means any person whether adult, child or infant holding a Ticket to be carried in an aircraft, except members of the crew, or, in relation to ticket refunds, the person who paid for the ticket If you want to change the carriage details recorded in your Ticket including change of the sequence set out in the Flight Coupons you must contact us before departure of any flight concerned
Where carriage of your Baggage is performed by successive airlines and either the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention applies to that carriage, you are entitled to make a claim against us if we are the first or last airline in that carriage, even if the Damage to the Baggage did not occur during carriage by us Endanger, or threaten whether by hoax threats or otherwise the aircraft or any person or property;• Before any Ticket will be replaced pursuant to Article 3

السفر إلى الأردن من مصر 2021 والأوراق المطلوبة

Security inspection You must allow security checks, searches and scans of your person by us, our handling agents, government officials, airport officials, police or military officials and other airlines involved in your carriage.

متطلبات الدخول الى الاردن في ظل جائحة كورونا
We will accept each Flight Coupon forming part of your Ticket for carriage in the class of service on the date and flight for which you have a reservation
شروط السفر للسعوديين (آخر تحديثات السفر المتعلقة بكوفيد
Overriding law If these Conditions of Carriage are inconsistent with any Tariff or with laws which apply to your contract of carriage, the Tariff or law will apply
شروط السفر إلى الأردن 2021 .. متطلبات الدخول والحجر الصحي
We can change the aircraft on which you will be carried, whether for operational, safety, security reasons or otherwise