Going to Africa to help the poor was a very rewarding experience• Our town holds an arts festival every summer I admire people who spend their entire life helping the less fortunate
Saint Moritz is a famous resort and Switzerland A: Who lives next door to Saad? Noor and Deena used to be very close but since they had the terrible argument, they have become complete strangers

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The fire brigade is still in the dark regarding what caused the fire at the shopping Centre• When I was a child, I used to love to feed the ducks in our garden pond.

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Stop wasting time playing football and focus on your studies! B: I bought a new pair of shoes yesterday
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Young people should be prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century
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Everyone commented on how nice the dinner was
Lack of determination causes people to fail to achieve their goals Do you actually expect me to believe your silly excuses for being late? Besides being an extremely talented writer, he is also very hard-working
The police officer received an award for his heroic act If you get lost on your way to the local library, ask someone for directions

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What are you playing to do today? Well, I hope you have a nice time.

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When you dive into the water make sure you are wearing your goggles
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If he had more free time he would talk up as a sport
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How often do this business meetings take place? B: They went to Morocco for their summer holidays