"Silicon in life:A bioinorganic solution to bioorganic essentiality" Hickey, Liping Tu, Nadeem Sabir, Dirk Dorfs, and Nadja C
Lim, Cheol Hong, Jeong-Hee Han, Hae-Won Cho, and Mingu Kang Silicon — An Old Fuel with New Perspectives"


Silicon: The Health Benefits of a Metalloid".

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10 October 2016 : 105501
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The role of journalism in creating the metaphor of Silicon Valley
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Association of American Plant Food Control Officials AAPFCO• 76 10 : 1280—1326 1290
Nguyen, An, Christina M Gonzalez, Regina Sinelnikov, W Newman, Sarah Sun, Ross Lockwood, Jonathan G C Veinot, and Al Meldrum High Dielectric Constant Materials: VLSI MOSFET Applications
; Manganelli, Maura; Azam, Farooq 2002-12-06 Paper presented at Innovation Journalism 4 Conference, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif

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Sainte-Claire Deville 1855 On silicon and titanium , Comptes rendus, 40: 1034—1036.

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The Physiological Role of the Silicon and its AntiAtheromatous Action
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local upgraded metallurgical-grade silicon UMG-Si• Tegen, Ina; Kohfeld, Karen 2006
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Siffert, Paul; Krimmel, Eberhard 2013