The employee shall be Omani Should the insured person fail to pay within the prescribed period, he must pay an additional amount of 13
This scheme applies optionally to the Omanis working outside the Sultanate or in GCC states The role of PASI is restricted to liaising between the citizens and the funds regarding registration and provision of information

Social Insurance Organization

The Unified Law of Insurance Protection Extension was issued pursuant to the decision taken by the Supreme Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council in its 25th session, which was held in the Kingdom of Bahrain in December 2004.

Insurance Systems
The subscription number is used in all PASI related transactions
Insurance Systems
In all cases, the employer shall be responsible for paying the due contributions on its behalf and on behalf of the insured person
Insurance Systems
Relevant documents regarding approval from the concerned authority to start the commercial activity commercial registration papers, computer prints-out, specimen signature must be attached
The benefit of the insured shall cease if he is no longer subject to the provision of this scheme or if he failed to pay contributions for six continuous months The contributions are paid solely by the employees
It provides coverage against old age, disability and death as set out by the Social Insurance Law without providing coverage against work injuries and occupational diseases Applicants must fulfill the following conditions: 1 The following conditions shall also apply:• Medical report endorsed the competent authority• Employers must follow the same procedures and fill the same forms used in the state of the place of business

نظام التأمينات الاجتماعية الجديد 1442

Statement of employment endorsed by concerned authorities inside or outside the country.

General Organization for Social Insurance
In this respect, PASI provides insurance coverage for the Omanis nationals working abroad in the private sector in any GCC state
Social Insurance Organization
The resources of the Scheme shall consist of the following:• They are the amounts paid by the employee "the insured person", employer and the state national treasury in the insurance system to cover the insured persons against old age, disability and death risks in addition to occupational diseases and work injuries
Social Insurance Organization
Omanis working in the public and private sectors in any GCC state are not included under the scheme