Motel Tropicana, 1963 After the Arab countries maintained a state of hostility with Israel, blocking all land routes; Israel's access to and trade with the rest of the world was by air and sea alone
בתי מלון חדשים נבנו בעיר לאורך שנות ה-80 וה-90, בהם בתי מלון מפוארים B-210 Aizik - Adolphe Feder: Seated Boy, Holding a Dish of Food Type of Item: Artwork Catalog No

Eilat Gordin Levitan

H-082 A convention of pioneering training communes of the He - Chaluts movement in the Brest Brest Litowsk, Brist region.

אורכידאה בית מלון באילת
In addition, there are plans to move the Port of Eilat and the Eilat-Ashkelon pipeline terminal to the northern part of the city, as well as to turn it into a university town of science and research, and brand it an international sports city
אורכידאה בית מלון באילת
Rachel Katnelson - Shazar was among the visitors to the seminar
B-150 August 15, 1927 Brok photo by: Neyman, Y
B-181 1930 Michalin Teacher Guta Segalowicz-Kac with a child at the Medem Sanatorium, run by the Jewish Socialist Bund H-013 Lvov Interior of the greenhouse at the Jewicz farm in the Sygniowka suburb, used as a training farm by the Hehalutz Pioneer Zionist youth movement
Note: During the ghetto uprising in April 1943, Igla fought under the command of Wolf Rozowski They are more than happy to help you trace your Jewish ancestry! B-185 Noah Portnoy, one of the founders and leaders of the Jewish Socialist Bund whose portraits were included by the Vilna Committee of the Bund in an album honoring the party's 25th anniversary in 1922


באוגוסט 2010 חלה תקרית נוספת בה נורו 5 רקטות אל עבר אילת מסיני; אחת מהקטיושות פגעה בסמוך לשדה התעופה בעיר והסבה נזק, אחת נוספת התפוצצה בשטח חקלאי הסמוך לעיר.

אילת דירות נופש ובתים
The Litvaks: a short history of the Jews in Lithuania
Eilat Gordin Levitan
Note: During the Great Aktion mass deportations in the Warsaw ghetto, on August 13, 1942 she was sent to the Majdanek extermination camp, where she perished