It was comforting to have him by my side, pushing the shopping cart and making suggestions of things I might need There are all kinds of shops, a supermarket and tons of restaurants
We enjoyed the food, talked and watched tv That is better for you, if you only knew

الرياض جاليري : الموقع، المحلات، المطاعم والمقاهي، أوقات العمل وتقييم الزوار

I really enjoyed walking around the mall with Y, Mom and H.

ماهي اهم محلات مول الرياض جاليري؟
After the Friday prayer we packed up our things and left the hotel
أفضل 7 أنشطة في مول الرياض جاليري في السعودية
Grocery shopping with Y reminded me of home
محلات رياض جاليري: افضل مولات لعام 2021
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The athan will sound as usual, but there will be a sermon khutbah before the prayer Eventually we decided to go to
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محلات الرياض جاليري للاطفال والنساء والرجال riyadh gallery shops

It is similar to how everything closes early on Sunday in the USA, except the shops here in KSA open later instead.

ماهي اهم محلات مول الرياض جاليري؟
مرور منطقة الرياض
There is a special prayer in congregation on Friday at the noon prayer
افضل كافيهات مول الرياض جاليري ( الأسعار + المنيو + الموقع )
It is a three story mall with a beautiful, almost park like design in the middle of the ground floor