Kahoot is an educational platform, a game based classroom response system that will make your students jump from their seats The Kahoot is displayed on the screen and the students respond instantly using their devices
It will explain al about Kahoot from creating an account to playing a Kahoot and getting results

برنامج كاهوت

There are three kinds of Cahoots: Quiz, Discussion and Survey.

You can create your own Kahoots, where each Kahoot is a set of multiple-choice questions that you create on the Kahoot platform covering any subject and using any language for different levels
تخطيط درس محوسب عن مناسك الحج
Kahoot engages all students even the ones who are always reluctant to work in class
إثراء للصفوف الخامسة
Students will be engaged, compete and have fun in the lesson using any device they are familiar with or available at the school
Kahoot introduces the game based concept to your classroom in a very easy way with the help of technology

برنامج كاهوت الإلكتروني للجوال والحاسوب شرح مُبسط للاستخدام والتحميل للتعلم عبر الكاهوت kahoot 2020


تخطيط درس محوسب عن مناسك الحج
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